GOLDEN BUDS CBD VAPE with 85% Cannabinoids. Medvape are Official Distributor of GOLDEN BUDS, KANAVAPE AND ALPHA-CAT products. 24 hours delivery to all EU Europe. Worldwide shipping with DHL Express - to Your door. Only at Medvape. Feel the CBD experience with our prefill and rechargeable cartridges.

GOLDEN BUDS CBD VAPE cartridges are unique with a slim shape and discreet aspect, they are available with all you need to start your vaping experience. The CBD inside our vaping cartridges is from Full-spectrum distillate from California, uncut revealing the best taste to support the diffusion of terpenes and CBD enhancing the relaxation of the body and mind.

All our cartridges batch are being tested by a third-party lab to guarantee the CBD content and THC <0,2% to be compliant with EU regulations. Our GOLDEN BUDS CBD VAPE cartridges are non-psychoactive!


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